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The Man & His Music!

At a tender age during his childhood, Dennis had to be hospitalized on numerous occasions over a long period of time, due to the attack of asthma. His mother can attest to the fact that there were several times it seemed as if the severity of his illness would take his life.

However, Dennis healing came one day when his mother, a strong believer in Jesus and prayer took him to church requesting healing for his illness, and Jesus healed him. As a result Dennis had no choice but to testify about how Jesus delivered him and he began preaching the word from an early age about nine years old, on buses and street sides.

It is because of Dennis beliefs that he decided to accept Jesus as his Savior and Lord. The love for the Lord, and sinners grew stronger and stronger, and as a result he became actively involved in outreach, bible camp, and church ministry for many years. Now the Lord is taking him to another level in the singing ministry.

Dennis knows what it is to have been on the mountain top; by the way of earthly possessions and to lose everything, destitute in the valley, ("Lack of"). Those were difficult days. But through it all, the Lord has been Dennis shelter.

In the times of storms, and as Dennis keeps experiencing God's goodness in his life every day; to the world Dennis says, "I am so satisfied" Dennis message to the world is that, “Jesus is real; I've surrendered my life to him for over thirty years now. Though I have failed him, He has never failed me. He has been my healer for my sickness, my provider when I am in need, my strength when I am weak. Try Jesus and you too will enjoy the sweet satisfaction that comes from having him in your life.”

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